Everything you need to know

What is Wildcat Ministries?

In short, we’re a campus ministry at K-State. We also serve college students from other surrounding colleges, as well as young adults in Manhattan. We have a REALLY SWEET campus house, where most of our activities happen and where people can just hang out, study, watch movies, use a computer, etc.

What do you do?

On Sundays, we provide FREE dinner for students that is accompanied by a brief Biblical message, a testimony of faith, a fun event, or a combination of any of those! We also meet in small groups throughout the week to have a time of growing deeper in our faith and in our relationships with one another.

What sets you apart?

K-State has a ton of really great campus ministries, so sometimes it can be difficult to figure out where to be involved. We desire that you find a place to plug in and grow in your faith, whether that’s us or another group. Wildcat Ministries has typically been a smaller, more intimate group. We focus on building relationships, and we have a really cool meeting space. For many of our members, we are a family away from home.

Are you affiliated with any church or denomination?

While Wildcat Ministries is its own non-profit, we are affiliated with and receive support from First Baptist Church in Manhattan. A board of directors, made up of members of First Baptist, oversee our organization. At the same time, not all of our members attend First Baptist or even come from a Baptist background. We want to have diversity in our group, so we are not strictly a Baptist ministry. Our group members have a variety of denominational backgrounds. If you have any questions about our beliefs, feel free to contact Amanda at wildcatministries@gmail.com.